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Pets » Turtles & Tortoises

Turtles & Tortoises

There are currently 164 ads running in the Turtles & Tortoises category.
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African Spurred Tortoise
They are of good health and they are in good quantity but many people are after them now.some are 6 years old while some are from 2 to 4 years old.and we have the male and females
Russian Tortoise W/ All Supplies $100
Healthy female tortoise, a 20 gallon tank. walk in water dish, led light, heat lamp everything you would need for her. if interested please call 712-541-4880.
Russian Yearling Tortoises
We are making 4 yearlings/juveniles available varying in size from 2.5"-3.5",currently eating mixed greens,grasses,weeds,edible flowers and leaves,chopped cactus pads and mazuri tortoise diet along with ca...
Clown Yellow Bellied Slider For Sale! $300
I have a perfectly healthy clown yellow belly slider for sale. price is negotiable if you're reasonable. please contact - ... for more information thanks !
Awesome Sulcata Yearlings! $94
Adorable and perfect 11 month old sulcatas! why save $20 and get a tiny baby??? good question, but if you must...i will have babies available soon so please let me know if you want one or more! there...
Lost Sulcata
My tortoise is cecil he is a 50lb. sulcata i've had him since a hatchling,i'm so sad to be without him, my landscaper left my gate open and he got out . plz call any time if you spot him thanx diane
Rare!!! Pancake Tortoise Female!!! $445
Super rare opportunity here! over $200 less than the big website guys! they have to support that expensive website somehow! you can own one of the rarest tortoises in the world! she is a real beauty...
2014 Baby Sulcata Tortoises $60
We have few one month old baby sulcata are ready to go they are eating lettuce kale some season fruit very easy care reptile $60 /ea ( price not include shipping ) we can ship to anywhere of u.s ...
Kuny The Baby Sulcata Tortoise! $100
I bought my baby tortoise five months ago. she is in well condition, and her patterns on her shell are very nice. she seems undersized because of my irresponsible actions. i didn't realize how much care my...
2 Russian Tortoises & All Supplies $200
2 healthy male russian tortoises, zoomed tortoise house, dual heat & uvb lamp, food & food dish, water dish, etc. everything you need for your tortoises. both tortoises are about 3 years old and very hea...
Russian Tortoise Male And Female $100
They will be a great addition for someone looking for a male and female! 7 years old they are extremely healthy! includes: reptile enclosure 40-gallon unbreakable heater uv lights sack of wood grai...
Aldabra Tortoises For Sale- All Sizes
We have captive bred and born (cbb) aldabra tortoises (geochelone gigantea) for sale. we have aldabra tortoises from hatchlings, babies, young adults, adults and and proven breeding pairs for sale.these an...
Sulcata Tortoise Female $800
Five year old female sulcata tortoise very sweet great eater loves to play in the bath or baby pool please to good home moving must sell.
One Baby Sulcata And One Yellow Foot For Sale $320
I have one baby sulcata. i don''t know it is a boy or a girl. and it is 2 inches high. the yellow foot is a female. she is 9.5 inches high. i ready to moving. so just $320 you can give them a new home and ...
3 Red Ear Slider Turtles (male) $200
I have three 4 year old male red ear slider turtles. they live in 60 gallon fish tank with a medium sized in tank filter and water heater. they come with the tank, a heating lamp and a blue light lamp that...
Lil' Redfoot Tortoises $125 Multiple Images
I have a few redfoots ready for their new homes! feeding on mixed greens, mazuri tortoise diet, fruits and veggies. raised humid, not dry. growing nice and smooth. spunky little torts:) going on 12 wee...
Redfoot Hatchlings
Redfoot tortoise hathclings for sale. currently eating mixed greens, mazuri tortoise diet along with calcium supplements 2-3 per week. the tortoise/s in the add are the exact same tortoise/s for sale. we c...
Redfoot Yearling! $124
I have a beautiful and friendly little redfoot tortoise! it is a yearling and not a hatchling. it is 3+" long and has perfect scutes. redfoot tortoises are best for those who want to keep them inside for m...
Large Sulcata Tortoise Male
For sale, male giant african sulcata tortoise i have had these since hatchlings there are 3 of them very healthy clear eyes big eaters on diet of bermuda hey and alfalfa hey, approximately 130 pounds and c...
Lil' Sweet Sulcata Pairs $125 Multiple Images
Temp sexed male/female pairs. growing into rambunctious little monsters. perfect in every way. health guaranteed. raised humid. 100% quality care since day one. pairs-$125 single-$75 will ship.
Red Ear Slider Turtles $30
I'm selling 3 adult size red ear'd slider turtles. would like $30 each. contact me by email if interested: ... thanks
Tortoise-big Fatties $75 Multiple Images
Big baby sulcatas. very well started. been in my care since day one. raised humid, not dry. lively and robust little creatures. feeding on anything i give them. temp sexed pairs available. i have ...
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