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Pets » Turtles & Tortoises

Turtles & Tortoises

There are currently 157 ads running in the Turtles & Tortoises category.
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Gold Member. Redfoot Tortoise For Sale $50 Multiple Images
We have a red-footed tortoise, unsure of gender or exact age, but is around 3 years old. we are moving and it will be difficult to take him with us. asking $50.00 for the tortoise, the terrarium and the ...
2 Adult Sulcatas Male $1,000 Multiple Images
2 adult male sulcata tortoises for sale. estimated 20-30 years old. 92 pounds and 95 pounds. pair gets along well and have been together 5 years. located in louisiana.
Beautiful Sulcata Male!!
I have a big, around 20", sulcata male that i'd like to find a new home for. he's been my bud for about 7 years, but the wife wants to start over with small ones. he's really sweet and always comes up to y...
Re: Baby Cherry Head Redfoot Tortoises
Baby cherry head redfoot tortoises for sale direct from our state of the art tortoise breeding fields. now you can buy a cherry head redfoot tortoise direct from our breeding facility to your door. the bab...
Need A Good Home $400
Need a good home for beautiful sulcata tortoise. only serious buyers for home. loves to graze in lawn and sleep in garage, believed to be female, and 25yrs old. gift from family member, but can not give he...
Cb Ivory Sulcata Tortoise $650
2 weeks old eating lettuce kale mazuri tortoise diet .. $650/ea + ship accept paypal ship by fedex priority overnight for the shipping quote email with your zip code
8 Year Old Male Sulcata $500
18 inch about 40 pounds. he is a good friend of ours but he needs more care than we can give if you don't like the price make me an offer.
Various Tortoises For Sale -hermann's-russian's-gr
Cutting back on some animals to focus on larger established groups. __________________________________________________ ______ 2.1 young adult eastern hermann's 2.1 eastern hermann's tortoise . males ...
Adult Female Leopard Tortoise For Sale $1,000
Rosie is a full adult female, at least 25yrs or so. serious inquiries only, no shipping, you pick up. if interested, contact me by email, at ...
Cb Sulcata Tortoise $60 Multiple Images
Cb sulcata hatching is ready for the new home they are eating lettuce mazuri tortoise diet and mix green easy care reptile love with kid and any another tortoises male & female available $60 /ea we ca...
Sulcatas Healthy And Reasonable! $85
These little guys and gals are just adorable! i have only two left and they are ready for a caring home! these sulcatas are 4 months old and well established. they are very active and great eaters. they a...
Turtle & Tank For Sale $175
Yellow belly slider turtle for sale along with 20 gallon tank, filter, cartridges, food, water cleaner, pump, shell lotion. $175 or best offer. tanks usually start around this price and then the extra that...
Sulcata Female Up For Adoption! Nice Colors!!! $245
I am offering a nice 6" female sulcata to a sulcata lover. she has really nice color on her shell. she carries a lot of brown which sets her apart. she''s been very well taken care of and is super healthy....
For Sale Or Trade 2 Full Grown Male Russian Tortoi
For sale or trade 2 full grown male russian tortoise one is about 5 years old the other is 15 to 18 yrs old, they are 8-10" around very sweet boys i am asking 85.00 no lower. please do your research be...
Beautiful Sulcata Female!!! $225
I have a super sweet and pretty sulcata. she is 5" long. her name is dottie and she will eat from your hand. she very social and quite active. she loves to roam around outside and is small enough for a tor...
Free Red Eared Slider Looking For New Home!
Free red eared slider turte! we are looking for a home for one of our red eared sliders. it's about 1.5 years old. we are not charging a fee, just looking for a good home. due to massachusetts law they can...
Redfoot Tortoises
Redfoot yearlings & hatchlings for sale currently eating mixed greens, mazuri tortoise diet along with calcium supplements 2-3 per week. the tortoise/s in the add are the exact same tortoise/s for sale. we...
Greek Hatchlings $135
Greek hatchlings for sale currently eating mixed greens, mazuri tortoise diet along with calcium supplements 2-3 per week. the tortoise/s in the add are the exact same tortoise/s for sale. we can take indi...
Super Tame Little Red Foot! $125
I have an active little red foot tortoise named pumpkin! she is very sweet and loves to be fed from your hand. she has perfect scutes and is as smooth as glass! she has been given extraordinary care and ne...
Red-eared Slider Aquatic Turtles $250
I have two red-eared slider, aquatic turtles. one is a male (crush), and a female (squirt). we have a whole tank for them to swim in, and a homemade dry area loft above. we built that so they could lay out...
2 Cherry Head Redfoot Tortoises $175 Multiple Images
I have my 2 little ones that need to find a great forever home. i hatched them out a year and a half ago and are at the 4in mark, one bigger than the other. i do not know the sex of either tortoise. they a...
Matured Female African Leopard Tortoise
looking for a loving home for a sweet and beautiful female tortoise. she is about 26 year old, has been well cared and very healthy. she has many more years to go. please adopt her for yourself or yo...
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