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Pets » Turtles & Tortoises

Turtles & Tortoises

There are currently 136 ads running in the Turtles & Tortoises category.
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2 Adult Sulcatas Male $1,000 Multiple Images
2 adult male sulcata tortoises for sale. estimated 20-30 years old. 92 pounds and 95 pounds. pair gets along well and have been together 5 years. located in louisiana.
Adult Male Leopard Tortoise 17 Inches $2,500
Large adult male leopard tortoise he is 17 inches long by 10 inches wide and 10 inches tall. he has a great personality and in good health. if you have any questions please ask.$2500.00 or best offer bu...
Adorable Female Sulcata! $169
Sandy just had her 1st birthday and she''s ready for a new loving family! she is almost 4" long and in perfect shape! she eats like a horse and is very adventurous! she likes being handled and has no fear!...
Beautiful Large Sulcata Male! $495
I have a big, around 20", sulcata male that i'd like to find a new home for. he's been my bud for about 7 years, but the wife wants to start over with small ones. he's really sweet and always comes up to y...
Sulcata African Tortoise $1,500
Beautiful sulcata tortiose 24" about 55lbs. and a female 21" 35 lbs just call for pricing. in the city of lorain ohio , had it over 15 years . call me at 440-396-9718
Leopard Tortoise Available $300
We have some healthy leopard tortoises for sale at the internet's lowest prices. this african species does well in captivity and attains an adult size of approximately 18 inches, making it the fourth large...
Large Sulcata Males
Wonderful pets i have five large (20 to 21) male sulcata tortoises for sale. i am selling them only because i have too many male sulcata tortoises at this time. will sell individually. all of them ...
Red Earred Slider Adult $130
Flash needs a new home! he is a 4 year old red earred slider. he comes with his 40 gallon tank, uv lamp, heat lamp, 2 filters and heater. bought for my daughter now he has become mom's responsibility and j...
Leopard Tortoise Male! Just Beautiful! $385
I have a rare leopard tortoise to rehome. he''s 7" long across the plastron and nearly ready to breed. his scutes are perfect and you won''t find this at this price. his name is leo and he''s a cool dude....
Tortoise & Turtles For Sale .
we have a range for turtles and tortoise for sale. we have males and females of all sizes and ranges of varying species . we have ranging from babies, juveniles, sub adults and adult...
Sulcata Tortoise Hatchlings $65
Sulcata hatchlings for sale currently eating mixed greens, mazuri tortoise diet along with calcium supplements 2-3 per week. the tortoise/s in the add are the exact same tortoise/s for sale. we can take in...
Common Snapping Turtle $40
Common snapping turtles for sale up to 20 lbs $50.00 21-35 lbs $75.00 36 and up $90.00 call or text for more info. pick up is available in new douglas il. and granite city il....
10 Yo Sulcata/ African Spur Tortoise $500
"ralph" is a 10 year old male sulcata with a shell measuring 19 inches wide and 25 inches long. he gets along well with other pets and has been fed a diet of grass, fruit, vegetables, and hay. his shell is...
Sulcata Tortoise For Sale
We call him rocky not sure of the sex but it is a great pet, i don\''t know much to say about him, we are willing to put him on skype if you want. we will ship within the us if need be. it is under 2 years...
Leopard Tortoise Hatching $100 Multiple Images
We have some nice cb leopard tortoises (pardalis babcocki) hatchlings available. all are around 2 inches in size. beautiful colors! very healthy. eating mix green and mazuri food. feeding calcium powder 2 ...
African Sulcata Tortoise $400
I am selling a 3 year old african sulcata tortoise. her name is gracie and she is a female. i got her as a hatchling. we are asking 400.00 which includes gracie, her terrarium, heat lamps and her outside ...
Painted Turtle For Sale! $25
Hello everyone! i have an aquatic turtle named crush that i've had for 6 months. he is a sweet little guy. he loves taken pellets from my hand! if you are interested in him, he will come with a heater, fil...
Russian Hatchlings $125
Russian hatchlings for sale currently eating mixed greens, mazuri tortoise diet along with calcium supplements 2-3 per week. the tortoise/s in the add are the exact same tortoise/s for sale. we can take in...
2 4-inch Aquatic Mud Turtles $150
I have a pair of 4 inch mud turtles (full grown) and their complete set up for adoption/re-homing fee. i have had them for about 8 mths now. they are low maintenance and require little care. they come ...
Live Turtles $10 Multiple Images
$15.00 red ear and painted turtles ($10 each for 2+) $20.00 common musk turtle $50.00 eastern box turtle out of stock call or text for more info or pictures (217)0313-9699 pick up is available i...
African Spurred Tortoise Male 5 Years Old $1,500
Very active and friendly about 5 years old. 90 lb. everyone loves to look at him. eats grass weeds lettuce and fruit. awesome pet moving to an apartment. have 4 kids they love him. ... $1500 re homing fee.
Two Russian Tortoises $100
I am selling my two russian tortoises and everything that is needed to take care of them accept the tank. it includes one female tortoise "gebee," one male tortoise "leo," the water fountain, food dish, so...
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