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There are currently 42 ads running in the Snakes category.
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Gold Member Snow White Albino Blizzard Corn Snake $350 Multiple Images
He is 6 years old and very friendly, has a picky diet and only eats live mice. he wont eat pre killed or frozen mice, only living mice hes strangeled. since hes albino sensitive lighting is a requirement. ...
Gold Member Venomoid Albino Monacle Cobra And Het Adult Pair $2,500
Very beautiful snakes. they are both over 5 feet long. the albino in the pics is the female the other is the male. these 2 want last long so please jump on this good deal. they are very good eaters the...
Gold Member 9 Captive Bred Ball Pythons $150 Multiple Images
9 beautiful captive bred ball pythons. all very good eaters. eats one fuzzy each week. price is $150 each shipped. any questions please contact me. thanks
Gold Member 05 Captive Bred Albino Burmese Pythons $400
I currently have baby albino burmese pythons. they are $400 each with shipping inculded. males and females available. they are all eating great and they all got great attitudes. if you have any questio...
Rosy Boa Snake $130
2 year old rosy boa with huge reptarium, ceramic heat fixture, under tank heat pad with temperature controller ,water dish, hiding cave and climbing structure. eats pre-killed or live mice (not frozen)
Baby Anerytheristic Corn Snake $50
Baby black and white corn snake has a feed schedule and very healthy and very friendly would be a great pet for a first time snake owner
Corn Snakes With Tank Including Everything $150
I have 3 tanks with cornsnakes in each. each tank includes everything you need. tanks sold separately. price negotiable
Adult Mexican Milk Snake And Cage For Sale! $100
I have an adult mexican milk snake that is around 11 years old. she is a great snake and was the first one i ever owned. i need her sold for college. the cage is homemade out of wood and chicken wire.
Adult Ball Python For Sale! $45
I have an adult regular ball python i am trying to sell before school starts. he is an excellent eater and very friendly.
1.0 50% Jampea Graniteback $500
50% jampea graniteback (het anthrax) male. awesome colors and contrast, can't keep them all. excellent little project for all the jampea fan and dwarf fans. $500 + shipping
1.0 Ghost Retic $1,750
1.0 ghost male for sale. late 2015 great feeder and doing great. ghost market is still pretty untapped. get him for your projects. $1750 shipped
1.0 Tiger Double Retic $350
1.0 tiger double het amel genetic stripe. producing plugs and ready for your females. $350+shipping
1.0 Ultra Ivory Retic $1,000
1.0 ultra ivory male. used in school assemblies and other public events. eats like a horse and ready for your girls. 7-8 footer $1000 + shipping
0.1 Adult Platinum Super Tiger Retic $4,000
0.1 adult platinum super tiger het purple. she is not the friendliest. 14-15 foot or so. just doesn''t fit in with the new direction some of my projects have gone. $4000
1.0 62.5% Sd Platty Tiger Het Anery Retic $1,000
62.5% sd platty tiger het anery male for sale. proven. $1000 shipped
1.0 Adult Orange Glow Retic $1,050
Adult orange glow male for sale 7-8 ft. awesome snake easy to handle ready for your girls. $1050 shipped
Adult Ball Python $115
I have a very docile adult male ball python for sale. he eats consistently through spring summer and fall, does not eat during winter. the enclosure includes 2 overhead infrared heat lamps, and 2 under-enc...
Gentle Corn Snake Looking For Home $60
I''m looking for a new forever home for my sweet boy nexus. he is an eight-year-old corn snake and he is very dear to me but i''m moving out of the country and cannot take him with me. i''m asking $60 for ...
Large Pastel Ball Python $80
$80 for large pastel ball python w/a 20 gallon tank, screen top w/locks. adjustable zoo med heating pad, exo terra rock style water bowl. gender is unknown. would make a good breeder. 79th & michigan rd. a...
Demerol Boa $100
Under certain circumstances, i have to sell my beloved snake. i want to find her a loving home. she is very sweet and puppy dog tame. shes healthy and well fed.she is about 5 years old and ready to breed. ...
Reptile Collection Sale Lizards/snakes
Multiple reptiles for rehoming. moving to smaller place and hard to find room. text about specific animal(s). i also have 3 10 gallon tanks and a 20 gallon long for sale. all animals have tails and all ...
Creamsicle Cornsnake With Terrarium $125
12 yr old cornsnake very friendly with terrarium (lid, lamp, water dish, bedding, cage ornaments) great snake but i have to get rid of him. really wish i didn't have too. he's been my companion for at...
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