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There are currently 28 ads running in the Lizards category.
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Adult Bearded Dragon $200
We are selling our adult bearded dragon along with his 50 gallon tank and all accessories. i am not sure of his age since we just bought him for our son at a pet shop and they did not know his exact age. h...
Cutest Green Anole Lizard For Sale $30
Cute, green anole lizard for sale. can no longer keep him, due to my going away to school. very easy to care for. purchase would include: lizard, dry food, cage/cage decor, travel cage, heating light, t...
Bearded Dragon
Hi everyone:) i am selling my 2 month old bearded dragon along with his tank, lights, thermometer, and some dry food. if you would just like the dragon i would like the 40, if you would like the tank and a...
Savannah Monitor $475
This guy showed up on our porch a couple months ago. he was awesome, sweet, cuddly and bad ass!! he was also very malnourished and shrunken. we took him in, invested a thousand dollars into a habitat, and ...
Lizards For Sale $500
Backwater reptiles offers an incredible array of live lizards for sale, ranging from rare geckos to captive-bred iguanas and bearded dragons. click the reptile pictures below to be taken to the correspondi...
Lizards For Sale $500
Backwater reptiles offers an incredible array of live lizards for sale, ranging from rare geckos to captive-bred iguanas and bearded dragons. click the reptile pictures below to be taken to the correspondi...
Friendly Bearded Dragon Lizards For Sale $25
Attn: california buyers only. i have four bearded dragons that i will sell for $25 each or best offer. i have 6-year-old mating pair male (20 inch) and female (15 inch). i would like to sell together bu...
Leopard Gecko & Cage $50
Adult leopard gecko, very established, beautiful, and social. kids have grown up now and he doesn't get enough attention. $50 for an adult (10yr old; they live for 20+ yrs) and !0g tank/terrarium, and he...
Year Old Bearded Dragon $150
Smaug is only a year old, bought him in august of last summer when he was only a few inches. comes with an 20 gallon aquarium tank and has quite a few décor that he enjoys, including a hammock that is hard...
Citrus German Giant Bearded Dragons $50
Babies 8 wks old ready to go awesome dragons
Female Bearded Dragon $150
About 5 months really a sweet girl altogether her package deal 150 best offer u get the calcium light, basking light, night light, 2 temperature gages, 1 humidity gage, 1 lg cricket keeper, 1 20gl reptile ...
Bearded Dragon $100
2 year old bearded dragon. very well behaved, loves to be held. in excellent health. housing is included. 30 gallon tank, heat lamp, uvb lamp, 10 pound bag of sand. i am moving and cannot take him with me....
Jackson Chameleon Juvenile /cage And Set Up $250
Jackson chameleon juvenile with cage and set up. his name is lenny and he needs a good home, with someone who is better able to care for him than me. i want the best for him and his future. i have everythi...
Giant Fancy Bearded Dragon $200
I have a giant fancy bearded dragon, his name is axel and he is a year and a half old. he is very easy to handle, but due to a new job i can no longer care for him. he comes with a 2 door terrium, 2 lamps,...
Leopard Gecko $125
Hello, i am moving for a job and unfortunately cannot transport my pet leopard gecko with me, so i am looking for a new home for her. she is about 1 year old and in perfect health. she is very prett...
Young Tegu + Enclosure $450
Sweet black and white argentine beleived to be female a little over a month old very well behaved, a little skittish at first but not known to bite. currently eating: fish, ground raw turkey, strawbe...
Two Leopard Geckos With Everything You Need $150
I have 2 leopard geckos for sale. they come with everything you need including the tank, heating lamp and light, heating rock, hides, and water dish. they need to go quick so if you are intersted please em...
Tiger Striped Salamanders $20
-they are about 6 inches long & grow to about a foot long. *eating* - frogs,insects,blood worms, and worms. can have floating objects for the salamanders to get on. usually they are $40 but discount!! t...
Bearded Dragon Free To Good Home
Free bearded dragon to good home comes everything needed is included plz email if interested ...
2 Leopard Geckos W/tank And All The Extras $175
2 leopard geckos (purchased as babies from petco in dec 2014 for $29.99 each) exo terra "medium" tank (paid $159.99) w/mesh top & dome light heating pad carpet substrate water bowl worm dish misc dec...
Female Leatherback Bearded Dragon $150
She's very healthy, very calm and wonderful...reason i'm giving her up is because i have adopted a baby bearded dragon and i only have one cage so yeah i don't want to take any risk.
Quality Monitors,tegu,lizards Available For Sale
Argentina tegu albino for $350 each babie around 35cm total length 2 babies $600 rough neck monitors (varanus rudicollis) 0.0.1 $280.00 each babie around 35cm total length mangrove monitors (varanu...
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