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There are currently 81 ads running in the Lizards category.
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Gold Member. 100% Fire Red Bearded Dragon $600 Multiple Images
I was recently diagnosed with a chronic, incurable disease which i take chemo for and need to find a good home for my almost 11 month old bearded dragon. he came from a breeder and is way above pet store ...
Bearded Dragon Babies $35
Beautiful grouping of collector quality high color baby bearded dragons ready for new homes! well started, all around 5 to 7 inches long in size and growing fast! awesome patterns and amazing colors. devel...
Free To Good Home: Leo The Leopard Gecko
Small leopard gecko free to good home, comes with the following: 10-gallon tank, water bowl, branches for climbing, temp/humidity reader, 2 rocks, 2 heat lamps. insulating material is temporarily attached ...
Cawley Red/hypo Red/ogg Bearded Dragon $350
2 year old, 24 inch long,cawley red/hypo red/ogg male bearded dragon comes with: 60 gallon tank, screen cover, 4 halogen lamps and spare bulbs, 2 lamp stands, one 18 inch uvb lamp, large heat pad, ...
Adult Male Blazing Blizzard Leopard Gecko $50
Clyde is a two year old blazing blizzard leopard gecko and is the sweetest gecko anyone could ever ask for. he had never once shown any signs of aggression but he has been known to squeal if he feels threa...
Adult Male Bearded Dragon $80
Falkor is an adult male beardie who is very curious and loves to be outside on a leash. his favorite foods are spinach, kale, strawberries, corn, mealworms, and crickets. he is about two years old and real...
Baby Premium Male Veiled Chameleon&full Setup Cage $250
This is my new baby premium veiled chameleon. premium meaning, both his parents are showcase specimens. he has been with me for a short time, but he needs a new home. he is 3-4 months old, and displ...
Crested Gecko & All Supplies $180
I am looking to rehome my 1.5 year old male eyelash crested gecko that i got on this past new years eve, as well as all of the supplies i have for him. i do not pay him much attention anymore since i have ...
Nile Monitor Sale Or Trade $20
I have four baby nile monitor rescues they are now in graet herndon its time to get them new homes im looking to get 20$ or a large breed lizard think you for looking at this ad
Crested Gecko With Beautiful Red/ Orange Tones. $50 Multiple Images
Has very pretty orange and red tones on under side. eats great and growing fast. it is a juvenile and eats like a champ! possible male! text 908-500-5016. i am feeding my geckos on crested gecko diet and ...
Flame Crested Gecko $100 Multiple Images
She is gorgeous and is 100 percent female. she eats great and is getting pretty big. she is a juvenile but almost adult. she isn't jumpy and has gorgeous coloring. text 908-500-5016.
2 Albino Leopard Geckos Juveniles Possible Males $40 Multiple Images
They are gorgeous and both look different. growing very fast! they are 40 each and i will take off money if you buy both. they eat anything including meal worms, wax worms and crickets. they are not picky ...
Baby Yellow Striped Gargoyle Gecko $100 Multiple Images
Very nice gecko! it eats great and is a possible female. when fired down has yellow stripes. when fired up has shades of orange and pretty charcoal colors. text 908-500-5016. serious inquires only!
Adult Female Bearded Dragon $50
Adult female bearded dragon to good home. she is in perfect health, and is very social. currently 11 months old. located in rome, ny (13440). will not ship, pick-up only. we will also sell her supplies di...
Adult Male Bearded Dragon $50
Adult male bearded dragon for looking for a good home. he is in perfect health, and is very social. currently 15 months old. located in rome, ny (13440). will not ship, pick-up only. we will also sell...
2 Bearded Dragons $180
2 female bearded dragons, friendly, hand raised with kids, 1 is a rare dwarf mutant leatherback, other a citrus, comes with stand, 55 gal tank, lights, new sand in bag, etc, 7345589370 text if interested
Sub Adult Bearded Dragon $100
Beautiful sub adult bearded dragon for sale. hatched 7/4/2012. well aclimated and tame. has always been housed alone. price includes everything shown - beardie, tank, accessories, 2 light fixtures and bulb...
Female Bearded Dragon With Setup $125
I am needing to rehome my female bearded dragon. she will come with her 40 gallon breeder tank, an extra uv/heat bulb, the lamp, food dish, water bowl, decorations and what ever worms she has left. she is ...
Red/citrus Bearded Dragon Hatchlings $30
Just had a new clutch of beautiful red/citrus bearded dragons hatch and cant keep them all. the bearded dragon makes a wonderful pet, easy to care for, gentle and no horrible smell. almost ready for rehomi...
Baby Normal Bearded Dragons $35
Hatched on may 31, 2014. super active, healthy and eating great on veggies, small crickets and small dubia roaches. these guys have great personalities, and wonderful colors to be normals. can offer a slig...
Male Crested Gecko With Enclosure And Plants $60
Selling my adult male crested gecko "rock-o". i don''t have the room for him anymore, so i need to find him a new home asap. i have some crested gecko diet food that i''m also including. he also loves to e...
Baby Bearded Dragon $30
Going on sale in the next weeks. hatch date 5/16 to 5/19. parents (pictures available upon request): male pastel yellow color / natural pattern / normal healthy female golden orange color / tiger patt...
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