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There are currently 85 ads running in the Lizards category.
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Gold Member. Adult Bearded Dragon $200
We are selling our adult bearded dragon along with his 50 gallon tank and all accessories. i am not sure of his age since we just bought him for our son at a pet shop and they did not know his exact age. h...
100% Fire Red Bearded Dragon $600 Multiple Images
I was recently diagnosed with a chronic, incurable disease which i take chemo for and need to find a good home for my almost 11 month old bearded dragon. he came from a breeder and is way above pet store ...
Jackson Chameleon Juvenile /cage And Set Up $250
Jackson chameleon juvenile with cage and set up. his name is lenny and he needs a good home, with someone who is better able to care for him than me. i want the best for him and his future. i have everythi...
Giant Fancy Bearded Dragon $200
I have a giant fancy bearded dragon, his name is axel and he is a year and a half old. he is very easy to handle, but due to a new job i can no longer care for him. he comes with a 2 door terrium, 2 lamps,...
Captive Bred Caiman Lizards For Sale $500
Very rare to find a pair of these caiman lizards. they have beautiful red heads and blue/ green bottle body color with golden under belly. arboreal aquatic lizard, in the wild 80% of diet consists of sna...
Tiger Striped Salamanders $20
*about 6 inches long*they can grow to 14 inches (35 centimeters) in length, but the average size is more like 6 to 8 inches (15.2 to 20.3 centimeters). they feed on worms (also blood worms), insects, a...
Leopard Gecko $125
Hello, i am moving for a job and unfortunately cannot transport my pet leopard gecko with me, so i am looking for a new home for her. she is about 1 year old and in perfect health. she is very prett...
Young Tegu + Enclosure $450
Sweet black and white argentine beleived to be female a little over a month old very well behaved, a little skittish at first but not known to bite. currently eating: fish, ground raw turkey, strawbe...
Bearded Dragons $70
Baby bearded dragons for sale. hypo beardies. eating well and very active. shipping available. i have 4 left. message me for pictures
Desert Collard Lizard - On Reserve
She hatched february 8, 2015 asking $50 plus shipping parents george- yellow/orange hypo citrus sandfire roxy-orange citrus tiger she eats small dubias, crickets, and greens planst she is now ready for ado...
Green Juvenile Iguana For Sale $40
I need to sell my green iguana asap! i am not able to care for it properly,nor do i have the items to. it is untamed and would be best cared for by someone whos experienced with iguanas. it is ready to be ...
Male And Female Bearded Dragon $70
1 male, 1 female bearded dragons, with tank, sand, food, heat lamp, water and food bowls, and cricket container.
Baby Crested Geckos
If anyone is interested in adopting any of my baby crested geckos, or if you know anyone who might be, let me know. asking for $30 for one, $50 for 2, or $65 for all three (pet expo/petco sell them for $50...
Pastel 5 Month Old Beardie With 40 Gallon Tank $350
Comes with three lamps 3 caves second floor log heat gage and more please call 2392692377
Bearded Dragon $350
This is a young, female yellow and orange bearded dragon. she comes with a glass cage, heating lamp and rock, and a food and water bowl. she's not high maintenance only needs a bath a week, fed two times a...
Green tree iguana, one year old, female. rescued and rehabbed to a healthy and independent companion iguana. comes with cage and lights if needed, if not, price is negotiable for iguana only. experience...
Two Young Bearded Dragons $450
For sale to a responsible, caring home: one 6.5oz golden bearded dragon, very calm and content to lay on you arm or wherever you put him. one 5oz dark fancy bearded dragon, more active and alert. she is c...
Albino Leopard Geckos ( Multicolered Eyes) $80,150
Albino leopard gecko : female >$80.00 albino leopard gecko with two different colored eyes( one red, one white): female>$90.00 mac snow gecko: male >$50.00 or $150 for all. (904)93...
3 Year Old Female Bearded Dragon $200
I have a 3 year old female bearded dragon available. i love her to death and it breaks my heart to do this but i just can't afford to give her the care she needs right now. she comes with tank, decorations...
Crested Geckos.
Male and female crested geckos around 2 years old with big enclosure.
Beautiful Leopard Gecko $0
I've had miss lydia for about a year. she's a good leopard gecko. never hissed at me. never snapped at anyone. she's a great pet. she likes to watch tv and explore the house. i work a lot and just don't ha...
Male Leopard Gecko (includes Aquarium) $60
Looking for a good home. he is a male and will include the aquarium, the stand, a heat lamp, a light, and also some other accessories for the lizard. lizards are easy to take care of and require little mai...
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