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There are currently 45 ads running in the Lizards category.
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Gold Member. Stunning Hypo Female Bearded Dragon 4 Months Old $150 Multiple Images
Absolutely stunning female hypo bearded dragon for sale. her name is jewels and she's 4 months old. she was hatched at the end of march 2016. jewels is very sweet and lovable. she loves to sit on your ...
Gold Member. Trans-het-hypo Male Bearded Dragon Breeding Qualit $275 Multiple Images
For sale is a handsome trans-het-hypo male bearded dragon. his name is bruiser and he is 10 months old. he has come a long way since we received him last year in a state of malnutrition. bruiser''s lip...
Gold Member. Beautiful 10 Month Old Bearded Dragon $200 Multiple Images
Beautiful bearded dragon that is 10 months old for sale. his name is zippity or zip for short. he is very quick and moves around like he''s in hurry all the time. he is very inquisitive and loves to explor...
Red Juvenile Iguana $150
I have a beautiful red iguana in need of a better home. i'm fairly sure he's male, and still a baby. he will come with everything you need except for his cage (he will outgrow it very soon)
Beautiful Baby Male Chamaleon 4 Month $100
Baby chameleon, 7 months old, he is so beautiful and friendly with anyone who pet him.
Beautiful Baby Male Chamaleon 4 Month $100
Baby chameleon, 7 months old, he is so beautiful and friendly with anyone who pet him.
Female Albino Leopard Gecko $70
I have a female albino leopard gecko for sale. she's an adult. she comes with 10gal tank, heating pad, water and food dish and hide. i paid more than i'm asking and the previous owner paid even more! i'm w...
Male Leopard Gecko $100
Adorable leopard gecko and habitat for sale!!! you get everything you need to take him home!! *40gal tank *2 dome lights (heat & black light) *rocks for hiding and climbing *fishbowl for shedding ...
Male Veiled Chameleon $300
6 month old male veiled chameleon with cage,screen top,cage carpet,plants,decorative pieces,uvb light fixture with bulb,heat fixture with bulb. very healthy,great eater. serious inquiries only please.
Bearded Dragon $150
17 inch bearded dragon very friendly with children and adults. comes with heat rock food dish calcium spray and powder. bulb and heat lamp 25 dollars extra. comes with a tank of you're choice. tanks are us...
Adult Male Geckos $75
Super hypo tangerine het giant males for $75 each. all are 40grams each. serious inquiries only. brooklyn location. you can contact me at ... for more pics.
Tangerine Bearded Dragon Baby $100
Beautiful tangerine hypo leatherback het trans bearded dragon. at least 6 inches and through first shed eating well on small discoids, crickets and greens. full colors come out at 4-6 months of age.
Rehoming Iguana With Custom Made Cage $300
Rehoming 3 year old green iguana with custom made cage 4x2x2 feet on wheels. asking $300 obo.
Young Adult Male Iguana $300
Male iguana is almost fully grown. his body is over a foot long with his tail reaching 3 feet long. he is fully tame, respectful and knows how to gain your attention. he is well fed with plenty of lighting...
Young Bearded Dragon $90
It has a 50 gallon habitat box, water dish,tree trunk and three lamp kit for heating for day and for night time. it is a healthy young bearded dragon. price 90$ or best offer
Dalmatian Crested Gecko $60
This male crested gecko is friendly and about seven months old i''m moving soon and can''t take him with me but he''s a real gentleman with good spots and i''m sure more to come
Varanus V For Sale
We have varanus v for sale. they feeds well and are all cb. contact ... for more information and photos.
Blue Tongue Skink For Sale, Large Cage Included
I have an adult male irian jaya blue tongue skink that needs a good home. large cage included: 6ft by 2ft. all supplies and cage décor come with the animal. unsure of exact age but is full grown at about 2...
Leopard Gecko Male Baby
Free male leopard gecko need of a new home. it's still a baby and there is nothing wrong with him he just doesn't get along with our current leopard gecko.
Female Bearded Dragon $60
Female bearded dragon comes with 20 gallon tank, exo terra rock style bowl & rock bridge, screen top w/locks. adjustable zoo med heating pad & lamp. proven breeder, has had 2 litters. loveable & curious, l...
Male Bearded Dragon $50
Male bearded dragon w/20 gallon tank, screen top. zoo med heating pad w/temperature adjustment. half log.great price. chris allen red breed. 79th & michigan rd. serious inquiries only! call 317-8725859 aft...
Bearded Dragon Lizard $50
1.5 year old bearded dragon lizard with tank and heat lamp. son is going away to college, so miko needs a good home!
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