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There are currently 29 ads running in the Fish category.
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Pink, Red, Or Leopard Freshwater Ramshorn Snails
Pink, red or leopard spotted ramshorn snails. i ship snails via usps in a small priority box to get them to you sooner. shipping will be $5.80. i will include a couple extra snails to cover for a rare doa....
Fancy Tails,snake Skin, Sunburst Beautiful Guppies
Guppies. i have all different types of guppies fancy tails, snake skin, sunburst and more. i will pick you out an awesome and unique selection that you will be very pleased with. female guppies $2.00 per ...
I have a female flowerhorn, a green terror and a pike cichlid i would love to get rid of. they are too aggressive for my liking.
African Convict Cichlids
I have freashwater african convict cichlids for sell all 100 fish for 40.00 please help i have no room for them and mom and dad are spawning again please contact me at ... or mt residents call 406-274-3970
African Convict Cichlids $40
I have african convict cichlids for sell over 100 sell as a set for 40.00 please contact me at ... i have no room for them and mom and dad are spawning again owner hasnt named us so it would be fun for ou...
Breeding Pair Of Split Black Super Veiled Angelfis $75
Very healthy, no diseases or parasites proven black veiled angel breeders about 1 1/2 years old no peds both 4 inches long had one batch of babies, all grew into large, healthy juveniles have produ...
75 Gallon Tank And Stand $150
75 gallon tank and stand for sale. used for about 5 years for freshwater plants and fish. i also have enough seachem flourite substrate for 3-4 inches of coverage (i can''t remember for sure but i think i ...
(3) Rummy Nose Tetra & (2) High Fin Barbs $10
Three rummy nose tetras and two high fin barbs. look great - eating great. only selling cause i want to do something a little different with my tank. asking only $10 for all five fish.
Five Fish For Sale $300
1 gold fish 1 white fish 2 catfish and 1 sucker fish + the tank
Reef Tank For Sale
I am looking to get rid of my fish tank as i no longer have time for it. first i must get rid of the livestock. some of the corals include: pulsing xenia, blue green and red zooanthids, colt, green nept...
Thai Ranchu Goldfish--big Head
Beautiful full headed ranchus. multiple colors and sizes. fish are healthy and ready to go. shipping available upon buyers request. hurry!
Ftgh Large Oscar Fish
He is currently in a 55g tank, which i need for my growing jack dempsey so sadly i have to find a new good home for my oscar. he is 8"+ and will require a 55g tank or larger. i also have some juvenile conv...
Baby Black Convict Cichlids (3 Mths Old) $3
I have many (approx 60+) baby black convict cichlids in need of a new home (at least 10 gallons and up). these fish are great to own, intriguing to watch, great parents & easy to care for. also great tank ...
Albino An Blue Lobster Mixs $10
Albino and blue mixed lobster "crayfish" i have over 75 left to sale 561-907-1153
Fish And Tank For Sale Or Trade
10 gallons $5 20 gallons $15 aprox. 1.5" veijia sysplium fry $5 each or trade!! 2 red eared slider turtles! $15 each ~ 3 inch across shell very friendly love attention 2 20 longs $20 each hold ...
Complete 30 Gallon Aquarium With 2 Cichlids $60
Complete 30 gallon aquarium with 2 sick what's 1 african cichlid 1 electric yellow cichlid. both fish very aggressive and you can not put any other fish in aquarium with them. we do not have enough time to...
Red Belly Pirahnas $175
Have for sale 3 adult red belly pirahnas, and a handful of convict cichlids. they are included in the 75 gallon aquarium with filter pump, air pump, air stone, gravel, hoses...etc... the fish are adults an...
60 Gallon Tank With Stand & Everything Needed To R $300
60 gallon fish tank with stand & some decorations i have a 60 gallon fish tank with a black stand. it has two new filters, a uv sterilizer (for algae control) and rocks and decorations as well as a sleepe...
Amazing Standard Fin And Burtterfly Koi Fish $4
Tthe price below includes shipping and is the same price for either standard fin or butterfly koi. select the quantity, grade (a, aa or aaa), size, and type (standard or butterfly) and email them to me a...
55 Gal Fish Tank $100
55 gallon fish tank wood cabinet, all accessories great shape
Fish Tanks
2 ten gal. tanks with one steel rod stand. one 29gal. tank with wood cabinet stand. everthing needed for startup with many extra's . 810-265-2225
Moscow Guppy-pairs $10
Hello-raised fish for over 40 years-offering large adult moscow guppy pairs-blue-red-black-yellow-will ship next day express mail-$10.00 and will combine shipments for lower prices
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