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There are currently 30 ads running in the Fish category.
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5-gallon Fish Tank/aquarium Set-up $50
It is the aquarius aq15005 rounded 5-gallon aquarium kit off amazon. it has a biostream 5-15e filter, which takes tetra bio bag cartridges size medium. the tank is acrylic. the gravel is black glofish. the...
Fish Tanks With Fish. $1,500
Three tanks for sale. first is a 130 gallon tank and stand with fresh water big fish 2 oscars 1 catfish, 1 koafish, 1 goldfish. second is a 55 gallon tank with salt water, has a couple fish and othe...
Fish Tank (20 Gallons) $50
Glass fish tank in 20 gallons. you can have a air pump, electric heater, tropical fish food and whatever you see from the picture, free.
Guppies & Ramshorn Snails
Hi i live in va and ship anywhere in the u.s. i sell guppies. male guppies $2.00 per fish females $1.00 per fish :) i have all different types of guppies fancy tails, snake skin, sunburst and more. i will...
55gal Tank And Stand $130
Good condition. just tank, stand, and background. $130 o.b.o. text or email only. 3218020013
Classic Red Dragon Flowerhorn Male $150
Classic red dragon flowerhorn male 7 inches very healthy and will ship for free in usa. ask for montae 404-840-7602
220 Gallon Aquarium And Supplies For Sale
For sale but must be picked up in saint louis, mo - cash only 220g aquarium, stand, glass hood, and original light with 2 fluval 405 canister filters and 2 fluval e 300w heaters. $500 (tank originally $...
Adult Angelfish And Corey Cats For Sale
For sale, pick up only in st. louis, mo (cash only) 6 adult veil angelfish and 1 regular angelfish. approximately 3 years old, 4 female and 3 males. prefer to sell as a group. 3 marbled koi veil, 1 marb...
10 Gal Saltwater Tank With Coral, Damselfish! $200
Includes 10 gallon tank, heater, interior thermometer, powerhead, current lighting system with actinic blue and white lights, hard and soft coral, one blue damselfish and crab.
10 Gal Freshwater Tank With Bettafish And Minnows! $150
Includes 10 gallon freshwater tank, hood with incandescent lights, heater, filter, exterior thermometer, one blue/red male bettafish, eight white minnows (yes, they get along great!), naturally decorated (...
29 Gal Freshwater Tank With Angelfish, Great Deal! $275
Includes 29g tank, filter, heater, hood with led lighting, exterior thermometer, air pump, food, malaysian driftwood and other accessories, semi-planted, one fully grown angelfish, two catfish, pleco, two ...
Pink, Red, Or Leopard Freshwater Ramshorn Snails
Pink, red or leopard spotted ramshorn snails. i ship snails via usps in a small priority box to get them to you sooner. shipping will be $5.80. i will include a couple extra snails to cover for a rare doa....
Fancy Tails,snake Skin, Sunburst Beautiful Guppies
Guppies. i have all different types of guppies fancy tails, snake skin, sunburst and more. i will pick you out an awesome and unique selection that you will be very pleased with. female guppies $2.00 per ...
I have two clown knife fish and two beautiful oscars. i just can''t house them any longer. i''m in marshfield and they''re clown knives are free and oscars are $10 each obo also, a giant white gourami for ...
75 Gallon Tank And Stand $150
75 gallon tank and stand for sale. used for about 5 years for freshwater plants and fish. i also have enough seachem flourite substrate for 3-4 inches of coverage (i can''t remember for sure but i think i ...
(3) Rummy Nose Tetra & (2) High Fin Barbs $10
Three rummy nose tetras and two high fin barbs. look great - eating great. only selling cause i want to do something a little different with my tank. asking only $10 for all five fish.
Five Fish For Sale $300
1 gold fish 1 white fish 2 catfish and 1 sucker fish + the tank
Ftgh Large Oscar Fish
He is currently in a 55g tank, which i need for my growing jack dempsey so sadly i have to find a new good home for my oscar. he is 8"+ and will require a 55g tank or larger. i also have some juvenile conv...
Aquarium White Apple Snails
Free aquarium white apple snails. will help keep your aquarium or pond clean.
42 Gallon Fish Tank With Two Petco $200
I have a 42 gallon curved fish tank with stand and filter/pump with algea light. it is missing the lid. there is a 8 inch pelco and a 3inch albino pelco (sucker fish) currently in the tank. i''m trying to ...
Cherry Shrimp: Red, Blue,orange, Yellow Oebt $7
I have some freshwater cherry shrimp. i have red ones, blue ones, orange ones, yellow ones, and orange eyed blue tigers. the orange eyed blue tigers are $12 each the other colors are $7 dollars each ...
55 Gallon $150
55 gallon fish tank with double stand (black) for sale
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