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There are currently 1529 ads running in the Cats category.
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Tica Registered Ragdoll Male Ready Now $600
This sweet little man is a lover! gorgeous red point coloring. purrs when you just look at him. litter box trained, tica registered, current on shots, hcm -/-, felv/fiv negative. a wonderfully floppy l...
Purebred Tica Ragdoll Male Neutered Indoor/outdoor $200
This adorable and beautiful male ragdoll needs a new home. we are moving into the atlanta area, and he likes the big outdoors. he has all his shots, is neutered, hcm -/-, felv/fiv negative and is good in...
Gold Member. Bengals, Flashy New Litter $350,500 Multiple Images
:great selection of exotic bengal kittens. .the only litters this year . they are spotted in browns, snows (with blue eyes) and unusual golds., a rare blue , marbles in brown with black brush strokes and...
Tica Siberian Hypoallergenic Kittens
We are a professional breeder of siberian forest cats, which are proven to be hypoallergenic. we have been breeding imported bloodlines for several years. my specialty is to produce lower a allergen superb...
Gold Member. Beautiful Persian/ragdoll Kitten $400 Multiple Images
I have only one beautiful persian/ragdoll mixed kitten left named sosa. sosa is currently 9 weeks, born february 7,2015. this fiesty lil cutie is very playful, happy and loving. sosa is currently looking ...
Bambino Hairless Kitten, "moglie"
Moglie is a such a cute little bambino guy. he is white with blue spots. moglie is a bambino so he has the short little legs we all love with the bambino's. they also have really fun and sweet personalitie...
Chocolate & White Sphynx Kitten, "snitch!" $1,500
Like his brother, snitch is a perfect little boy. he is full of wrinkles... i just can't get enough of him! he was born on the 16th of february and will be ready to leave for his new home when he is 14 wee...
Bambino Boy, "moglie!" $2,500
Moglie is a such a cute little bambino guy. he is white with blue spots. moglie is a bambino so he has the short little legs we all love with the bambino's. they also have really fun and sweet personalitie...
Gold Member. Super-rare Tica Mink And Sepia Ragdoll Kittens!!! $750 Multiple Images
Jazzy gave birth to 7 beautiful kittens on february 9th!!! these kittens are absolutely adorable and tica registered. we have one beautiful traditional kitten, and the rest are super-rare minks and sepias ...
Cfa Sphynx Kittens $1,500
White male sphynx kitten. he comes already neutered and micro shipped for you. he will be registered into your name with cfa. health and temperament guaranteed. we ship and are mastercard and visa merchant...
Gold Member. Burmese Kittens Cfa Multiple Images
Burmese "the people lover cat 4 cat lover people'. traditional breeding. all colors now i have the most fabulous sable male 8 week kitten, he was born on my bed, litter trained himself, is fearless, energe...
Gold Member. Cuddly Hypoallergenic Siberian Forest Cat Kittens $1,000 Multiple Images
These sweet babies were born november 6th 2014 and will not be ready to go until february 6th. we know it is a long wait but we are already getting enquiries about them. kittens sell for $1000 with limit...
Gold Member. 4 Siberian Forest Cat Kitten Tica - Hypoallergenic $1,000 Multiple Images
Four beautiful siberian forest cat kittens ready in january. three females and one male. all are brown mctabby with white bib and gloves. these gorgeous babies were born october 14th 2014 and will be re...
Gold Member. Siberian Forest Cat Kittens - Hypoallergenic Tica $1,000 Multiple Images
Beautiful purebred siberian forest cat kittens, one male and one female. the male is a large lovely black smoke boy with a great disposition and lots of show potential. the female is a very pale silver w...
Gold Member. Adorable Aby Kittens: Ruddy And Blue Kittens Multiple Images
Adorable aby kittens: ruddy and blue kittens. born in september. they will be available to come home with you on dec 20th, 2014 please contact me to be considered for one or a sibling pair of this litter. ...
Bengal Kittens Multiple Images
Gorgeous, purebred bengal kittens now available. both males and females. colors include: gold, brown, silver and snow. all kittens come with vet checkup, current vaccinations, de-worming, royal canin k...
Gold Member. Savannah Look Bengal/puma Kitten Multiple Images
This kitten was a delightful surprise of a back crossing my puma female to a red spotted bengal. they not only look like savannah but act more like a serval than other pumas , i have 2 8 month males and o...
Blue Eyed Sphynx Kitten! Ready Now :) $1,000
Meet, "buggy bear!" one of the sweetest kitties in our home. :) buggy bear was born 4/14/14 and is maturing into an absolute beautiful boy. he is seal and white in color with crystal clear blue eyes. buggy...
Gold Member. Bengak Kitten Brown Marble $350 Multiple Images
Beautiful rich honey brown with black marble . softest fur, beautiful face. grand champ sire spotted leopard, dam snow marble 12weeks shots wormed etc. was pick of litter. $350 to be spayed $400 for b...
Gold Member. Burmese "the People Lover Cats" Multiple Images
Burmese "the people lover cats 4 cat lover people" mink neck warmers, these silky , groom free, smallish love bugs are a cat you will never forget. they are excellent with all the family, very long lived...
Gold Member. Puma Rare Mountain Lion House Sized Kittens Multiple Images
Real treasure of a breed cat. it is a hybrid of domestic purebred breed cats (no wild pumas) they do not require a special license. these cats are super intelligent, fantastic athletics, affectionate, clea...
Bambino Boy Available!! $2,500
We are toying with the idea of re-homing our adorable bambino boy stubz as we are currently breeding with him to keep some of his bambino kittens. we will be extremely picky on who this baby love goes to. ...
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