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There are currently 393 ads running in the Birds category.
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Gold Member. Volume Discount - Lady Gouldian Finch $75
This alluring lady gouldian finch is on the lookout for a suitable mate in the aviary. his graceful style makes him appealing to the ladies. his splendid colors help to attract attention with a classy red ...
Gold Member. Most Charming Red Canary $149
The most charming red canary is this young canary from this years breeding season. he sings his classy songs through out the day for you to enjoy in your home. his excellent feather coloring can not be mat...
Gold Member. Good-looking Male Parrotlet $295
This good-looking male parrotlet is an excellent choice for a companion and friend. his delightful personality and stunning appearance make him the ideal pet. the prettiest and the most excellent pet tha...
Gold Member. Marvelous Blue Lady Gouldian Finch $199
This marvelous lady gouldian finch is an ideal addition to your aviary. his splendid blue markings make this one of the most prized gouldian finch in our aviary of 500. most notably is the fine patchwork...
Gold Member. This Year's Dazzling Red Canary $149
This year's dazzling red canaries are looking more spectacular then ever. what a grand look they give your aviary with their bright red colors. this is the divine way to enjoy your birds as they sing and...
Gold Member. Gorgeous Blue Male $295
This gorgeous blue male parrotlet seems to enjoy posing for you as he enjoys the day. his enticing blue color is in marvelous display for others to appreciate. it seems that a good-looking blue male parr...
Gold Member. Volume Discount On Rainbow Finches $75
One of the most superb birds, that bird lovers watch for is the lady gouldian finch - also know as the rainbow finch because of all the magnificent patchwork of colors. the shapely green back is the base ...
Gold Member. Introducing The 2014 Red Canary $149
We are proud to offer the 2014 red canary. their magnificent colors are enticing to anyone in the aviary. these are show canaries with their fascinating plumage and fine lines. the best of the best is n...
Gold Member. Graceful And Happy Blue Boy $295
this graceful blue boy parrotlet has great balance and agility as he steps up on your finger from his cage. his marvelous loving personality is shown as he kisses and snuggles with you. he is not parti...
Gold Member. Volume Discounts On - Lady Gouldian Finches $75
This radiant lady gouldian finch is looking for her mate as she enjoys the sunshine. her pleasing red head gets a lot of looks from some ideal males in the aviary. this is the original color, with a sple...
Gold Member. Excellent Red Canary $149
This magnificent red canary continues to amaze everyone in the aviary. his excellent song echoes throughout the area when he expands his chest and lets you know he is here. the classy red coloring adds to ...
Gold Member. Angelic Blue Female Parrotlet $295
Here is an angelic blue female parrotlet fresh from linda's training. she has all the gifts of the perfect pet by stepping up, kissing and snuggling with you. her splendid personality makes friends with ea...
Gold Member. Volume Discounts On - Yellow Lady Gouldian Finch $85
This alluring yellow lady gouldian finch seems very attentive to every word you say. now that they are on a volume discount they are more appealing than ever. this magnificent specimen is available now t...
Gold Member. Vibrant Red Canary $149
This vibrant red canary is looking for a home. his classy singing style has a marvelous ring to your ears. his preferred perch is high in the sun room where he can broadcast his dazzling melodies. the red ...
Gold Member. Fascinating Blue Female Parrotlet $295
This fascinating blue girl has an angelic way about her as she enjoys the sunshine. her grand presence is quite the addition to the sun room. here's an excellent choice of divine beauty. look at her mar...
Gold Member. Volume Discounts On All Yellow Lady Gouldian $85
The exquisite yellow lady gouldian finch is available now through a volume discount. their bright striking appearance is quickly appreciated in an otherwise normal looking day. the magnificent contrast b...
Gold Member. Red Canaries Having Fun $149
Here's two red canaries having fun in the aviary. the canary likes to sit high in the area and sing their songs. they have the most beautiful song among inside birds. our customers say the american sing...
Gold Member. Elegant Blue Pied Female
This elegant blue pied beauty is captured in the beautiful sunshine as she poses for pictures. the cameras are clicking away as she gracefully inspects her domain on this glorious day. she is pleasing to...
Gold Member. Volume Discounts On - Lady Gouldian Finch
Still one of the most popular lady gouldian finches is the green back. their dazzling green color is the original and still very popular. their attractive head and body coloring is stunning to behold. t...
Gold Member. Reds Are Back $149
The beautiful red canary has returned to grace our showroom. the striking color is complimented by a delightful song as he sings on and on for you. this fine-looking canary''s only jobs are to look stunni...
Gold Member. Lovely Blue Female Parrotlet $295
This lovely blue parrotlet girl is so friendly and well socialized around people. her charming personality makes her a delightful pet to have in the family. her exquisite coloring is very pleasing to the...
Gold Member. Gorgeous Blue Lady Gouldian Masterpiece $245
This gorgeous blue lady gouldian finch is the most rare in the country. their attractive blue color is remarkable in every way. this elegant male is on the look out for a suitable mate and is singing his...
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