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There are currently 492 ads running in the Birds category.
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Gold Member. Watch This Beautiful And Sweet Parrotlet $349
This delightful yellow pied male parrotlet is a rare combination of elegance and an adorable pet. watch the video to see for yourself: we deliver anywhere in the usa. watch this video: ...
Gold Member. Wonderful Linny - Lineolated Parakeet $95
These beautiful lineolated parakeets are wonderful pets and they are eager to start a new family. their enchanting personality cannot be matched. these birds have the most brilliant colors too. we ...
Gold Member. Watch This Blue Angelic Beautiful Parrotlet
Linda works with this magnificent blue parrotlet. now that she is trained, she is ready for her new home. what a charming pet parrotlet. we deliver anywhere in the usa. watch this video: ...
Gold Member. Watch This Pretty Young Parrotlet
This charming young parrotlet is just getting his wings so to speak. his pleasing personality and curious nature make him a fun bird to have in the family. we deliver anywhere in the usa. watch this...
Gold Member. Live Performance Of A Silver Blue Parrotlet
This silver blue parrotlet have magnificent markings as you can see from this video. he is so warm and friendly - i just have to have him. we deliver anywhere in the usa. ...
Gold Member. Watch This Parrotlet For The Holidays
After linda raises up and trains our parrotlets, they become very tame and friendly. they step up, snuggle and kiss with you and the whole family. we delivery anywhere in the usa. watch this video ...
Gold Member. Hand Trained Canaries
Canaries are the most loving and caring birds we have hand trained and they love people. they like to kiss, snuggle and ride around with you. we deliver. ...
Gold Member. Most Grand Parrotlet $95
This marvelous new line of parrotlet brings a dignified theme of elegance and beauty to the aviary. her stately and majestic pose shows the character of this one of a kind parrotlet. she makes a smashing...
Gold Member. Extraordinarly Rare English Orange Breasted Zebra $75 Multiple Images
This uncommon large english, orange breasted zebra finch is not seen often in america. it's that "orange breast" that makes this zebra finch so unusual. we have not seen any like this blood line before i...
Gold Member. Cute Hand Trained Canary $195
This adorable hand trained canary is still getting his feathers in as he is just 28 days old. he is so delightful, even more than a parrotlet. he is eager to get on your finger, kiss and snuggle with you...
Gold Member. Rare Penguin Zebra Finch $49 Multiple Images
This extraordinary "penguin zebra finch" cannot be found anywhere else in the united states. if a breeder has them, they are being horded. we have the only known flock in the whole country. we deliv...
Gold Member. Beautiful Blue Lady Gouldian Finch $199
this dazzling blue lady gouldian is an excellent example of a champion blue as handsome as can be. this marvelous specimen is a classy addition to your sun room. his appealing deep blue feathers an ide...
Gold Member. Splendid Blue Lady Gouldian Finch $199
This marvelous blue beauty in very impressive showing his radiant plumage for you. he has the most dazzling blue we have seen in a gouldian finch, don't you agree. his plush and rich colors are a result ...
Gold Member. Dazzling Green Female Parrotlet $95
This alluring deep green parrotlet has a cute personality as you can see from the photo. a sparkling, enthusiastic love for you is easy to see when she snuggles in your arms. the brilliant and stunnin...
Gold Member. Hand Trained Red Canary $195 Multiple Images
This glorious hand trained red canary is a flashy example of the perfect combination of beauty and friendship. he sings and sings for you with sensational melodies and songs. his glittering red feathers ...
Gold Member. Grand Blue Female Parrotlet $95
This is splendid parrotlet pet with the classy look you would expect from the outstanding blood line that she came from. her glorious and dignified pose demonstrates her heritage. she is most of all a gr...
Gold Member. Magnificent Blue Female Parrotlet $95
We have a excellent blue female parrotlet that is splendid to look at and be with. her impressive blue coloring is brilliant to see in the sunshine of the sun room. the feathers of this girl are luxuriou...
Gold Member. Elegant Lady Gouldian Finch $70
This handsome and beautiful finch has the award winning colors. with his stately red head, grand yellow back and massive white chest he is a real dignified gouldian finch. the ingenious layout of colorfu...
Gold Member. Beautiful Intensive Yellow Canaries $149
These excellent canaries are the offspring of world champions and well worth the investment. this brilliant group of birds are dazzling to the eyes. tweedy would be proud of the exquisite size and confirma...
Gold Member. Cute Parrotlet Girl $95
This adorable little girl has lived quite the charmed life in the aviary. she has so many on lookers that admire her delightful personality. her classy demeanor wins you over as she snuggles and kisses w...
Gold Member. Gorgeous Green Parrotlet $195
A brilliant green parrotlet has found its way into our lives and home. this splendid pet is as good-looking as he is delightful to be around. with such a pleasing personality it is to enjoy his snuggling...
Gold Member. Elegant Blue Parrotlet $195
This polished and refined parrotlet fits right in with our family as the number one bird. this earthling bird is genteel and cultivated beyond norms of the bird world. this is the bird that loves you and...
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