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There are currently 440 ads running in the Birds category.
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Others (24)Amazon (23)African Grey (20)Love Bird (11)
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Gold Member. Friendly And Divine Girl Parrotlet $195
This cheerful little girl is thrilled to be with any member of the family. she is elated to jump out of her cage and onto your finger for some good loving including snuggling and kissing you. when she se...
Gold Member. Award Winning Deep Red Canary $149
This luscious ruby red canary is thrilling to see flying around the aviary with his exquisite colors. this is most entertaining to watch him sing and dance a beautiful soothing song, that only a first cla...
Gold Member. Charming Happy Feet Girl $195
This exquisite blue parrotlet girl is known as "happy feet" because she is so happy to see you. she effortlessly dances into your heart with her splendid enthusiastic personality. her polished and impeccab...
Gold Member. Awesome Flaming Red Canary $149
This incredibly beautiful canary is the offspring of a champion. you can tell he is a real winner by his stance, confirmation and royal colors. he is a proud member of a winning family of canaries. ...
Gold Member. Valume Discount On Friendly Rainbow Finches $55
This beautiful couple have graciously agreed to share their lives with us. their divine nature beckons relationship with us as they dance around the sun room. their impressive colors attract your attenti...
Gold Member. Dazzling Yellow Male Parrotlet $295
This marvelous looking parrotlet has a classy way about him as he stands up on your finger. his handsome shape and color is an interesting combination for this new release of parrotlets. his grand size is ...
Gold Member. Volume Discount - Radiant Orange And Yellow Finch $65
This pleasing and lovely lady gouldian finch is a rare contrast of yellow and orange colors. this enticing beauty is among the new line of breakthrough colors for finch breeders. his striking beauty is p...
Gold Member. Beautiful European Red Bronze Canary $149
Imported from the halls of champions in europe is a magnificent red canary. rarely do you see the color, shape and confirmation in domestic canaries. they are raised on the basis of quality rather than qu...
Gold Member. Pretty Posing Rainbow Finch $55
This lovely finch is enjoying the sunshine in the aviary as the other rainbow finches look on with amazement. this ravishing lady gouldian finch is a proud specimen of this first class bird. the shapely ...
Gold Member. Marvelous Pet Parrotlet $295
This happy male, green parrotlet is fascinating to watch and interact with. his exquisite feathers help to be an outstanding choice for a friend and companion. his charming and cute personality is in ful...
Gold Member. World Champion Red Mosaic Canary
We have the offspring of the "world champion red mosaic canary from europe. the picture does not totally capture the awe-inspiring color, size and confirmation of these canaries. when we first received the...
Gold Member. Volume Discount - Magnificent Green Rainbow Finch $55
The marvelous rainbow finch returns for an encore performance. his dazzling color is a splendid example of the lady gouldian finch including a brilliant red head. the deep green body is stunning as he look...
Gold Member. Volume Discount - Good-looking Yellow Rainbow Finc $65
This angelic gorgeous finch is a dazzling addition to the sun room aviary. the magnificent yellow colors glisten in our ideal sun shine as he demonstrates his divine plumage and color. his splendid and e...
Gold Member. Breathtaking Red Canary $149
This one has been exalted as the most beautiful red canary in the aviary. his astonishing bright red plumage can only be found here with his impressive structure and form. he is a fascinating bird to wat...
Gold Member. Graceful Blue Girl Parrotlet $195
This graceful and divine parrotlet is pleasing to the eyes as she balances herself in the aviary. her captivating smile and charming kisses make a wonderful companion. a parrotlet that is so grand and im...
Gold Member. Volume Discount - Vibrant Green Rainbow Finch $55
Good nutrition can make your bird alluring and beautiful as this gorgeous green rainbow finch demonstrates. he is handsome and quite the looker standing in the aviary imagining the prospects of a mate to ...
Gold Member. Gorgeous Pastel Blue Lady Gouldian Finch $199
This exquisite example of the pastel blue gouldian finch makes the perfect addition to the aviary. his enthralling color combination is an inviting possibility for your home. the winning color in the bir...
Gold Member. Delightful Blue Girl Parrotlet $195
This adorable blue female parrotlet is charming and fun to be around. her enthusiasm for life is appreciated when she jumps on your finger from her cage and kisses and snuggles with you. here astonishing...
Gold Member. Volume Discount - Captivating Yellow Lady Gouldian $65
This handsome finch is enticing to watch as he moves around the aviary. his pleasant demeanor and good-looking proud stance makes him a formidable candidate for a mate. the magnificent yellow body feathers...
Gold Member. Volume Discount - Clever Looking Rainbow Finch $55
This is a clever looking lady gouldian finch peeking around the corner at you. his lush feathers make him one of the most captivating birds in the aviary. the beautiful patchwork arrangement make this one...
Gold Member. Free Delivery Anywhere In Usa - Cute Female Parrot $295
This cute female parrotlet has a splendid personality. she is friendly and eager to step out of her cage and onto your finger. this stunning girl then is enthusiastic about kissing and snuggling with you. ...
Gold Member. Volume Discount - Captivating New Gouldian Couple $65
This is a captivating group of lady gouldian finches and they are available is singles or pairs. this tempting duo are breathtaking and majestic in the aviary. they sing and dance impressively for each oth...
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