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There are currently 106 ads running in the Birds category.
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Cockatoo (9)Parakeet (9)Others (9)Parrotlet (8)
Amazon (6)Finch (4)Eclectus (3)Love Bird (3)
Canary (1)Budgie (1)Hybrids (1)
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Gold Member. Ringnecks Mutation Colors: Lutino, Whites And Blue Multiple Images
Ringnecks super tame babies. great pets and/or breeders. bred for rich colors. several to pick from. humberto-text to 239 200 5090 - ......!!!
Gold Member. Quakers Baby Blues
Quakers - deep blue tame babies. lovable pets and great for breeding because they are split lutino or white. 17 available --- will not last. wholesale price of $275...! humberto- text to 239 200 5090 - ......
Sun Coniour And Green Indian Parot $250
Hand raised very friendly birds cage will be sold separate.
Gold Member Selling Out! Sun Conures
We have 6 pairs and one single female that we are selling.all were hand fed when i bought them at only 2 to 5 days old.beautiful color.selling for $500.00 a pair. discount price if you buy all of them. the...
Gold Member Blue Parrotlet $375
These are wonderful little friends. our parrotlets very friendly, love to cuddle and hang out in pockets. they are relatively quiet. in fact, sandee molenda, a certified avian specialist through the pet i...
Gold Member 3 Blue And Gold Macaw Parrots For New Homes $1,000 Multiple Images
blue and gold macaw parrots both male and female. are able to talk and learn new words. for more details and pictures of the birds do contact back via 7078363751
Gold Member Selling Out! Parrotlets $350
We have two green parrotlets 4 sale with cages,water bottles and nest boxes and more for 350.00. we paid a lot more that 350.00 for two birds at the time of purchase. this is a great deal. you must pick t...
Gold Member Hand Raised And Talking Pair Of African Greys $1,000 Multiple Images
We have pairs of well tamed,talking and healthy african grey parrots.they are socialized and friendly with cats,dogs.children and visitors.we have both male and female with health certificates, dna and akc...
Gold Member Selling Out On Cockatiels Multiple Images
Selling out on cockatiels.mostly fancies some white-face mutation. starting at $75.00 to $100.00.we have two (one pair of the white albino cockatiels . we also have the lutino. sorry no shipping,you have t...
Gold Member Lutino (yellow Quaker Parrots) Extremly Rare $850
Rare! rare! rare! female lutino ( yellow ) quaker parrot baby. banded, vet health certificate, weaned almost 4 mos.old hand raised. will ship, delta cargo only... all usa shipping and crate fee cod. pick u...
Gold Member Selling Out! Quaker Parrots W/cages And More $3,000
We have 24 quaker parrots with cages,water bottles,food dishes all for 3000.00. this is a huge deal! birds at 125.00 each and cages and etc are free. they are green split to blue and blue. we paid 850.00 ...
Gold Member Green Cheek Conures W/cages Plus $800
Selling out! five (5) green cheek conures,cages,nest box water bottles and food dishes with food. all for the low price of $800.00. this price is way lower than we paid for just the cheek conu...
Gold Member 2 Green Parrolets ( Pocket Parrots) W/cages,etc. $350
We have 2 parrotlets that we are selling. they were hand-fed when they were 2 weeks old. we are also giving away for free with the birds 2 cages that were made out of double dipped galvanized wire so there...
Gold Member Baby Quaker Parrots $175
 green baby quaker parrots for sale, hand raised, banded with birth date, vet bred, and certified healthy, exceptional quality babies!! will ship anywhere in the usa that delta airlines flies to....
Gold Member Extremly Rare Queen Of Bavaria Conure $2,600
 queen of bavaria conure baby for sale!!!  these parrot's are one of the most coveted parrot's in the world to own!!! extremly hard to find, so sweet natured and on the endangered parrot list......
Male Senegal For Sale $550
Beautiful 3 yr. old male senegal. healthy and in good feather. mostly friendly, quiet bird. has been known to bite in certain situations. loves to climb, chew wood and plastic toys and forage. likes to hav...
Young African Grey $400
She's a timneh, very sweet and playful. she doesnt like kids. oodles is hand tamed and loves to get her head scratch. her cage, toys, bath spray will go with her.
Beautiful Blue & Gold Babies Macaw Handreadred $432
Hi there i have baby blue & gold macaw for sale very healthy and active ready soon fully handreared super tamed right time to teach and train as you want please contact me for more details thanks our baby...
Blue And Gold Macaw, Parrot
Blue and gold macaw, parrot (vb) hi. my name is patrick, and i have a 10 month old macaw up for adoption. she is extremely nice and timid and hasn''t even come close to actually biting me. she was hand ...
2- 23month Old Cockatiels. $200
1 female cinnamon pearl/pied cockatiel. 1 male heavy pied cockatiel. both hatch dates 9/30/14, but have different parents. all supplies and cage included. they mate but no eggs laid yet. they were both...
Green Cheek Conure
Negotiable. need a new and very good home for my green cheek conure asap. specifically looking for a lady in the pa area who was going to take my green cheek conure about a year ago to keep her bird (taco ...
Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot Birds - Call 2812155908 $1,500
Blue fronted amazon parrot birds are 1 year old and they are talking birds they can fly for long distances and will make a great addition to your homes they have good memories of colors and images when the...
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