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There are currently 584 ads running in the Birds category.
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Cockatiel (46)Conure (43)Macaw (40)Parakeet (32)
Cockatoo (30)Others (30)Amazon (21)Love Bird (9)
Eclectus (8)Dove (5)Budgie (4)Birds Wanted (3)
Hybrids (2)Poicephalus (1)Pionus (1)
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$100 Reduction - Beautiful Young Baby Parrotlets - $95
$100 reduction - beautiful young baby parrotlets - $95 we have a limited supply of baby parrotlets that have been trained by linda. the training is complete and they are ready to be with you. we give th...
$100 Reduction - Beautiful Singing Canaries $55 $55
$100 reduction - beautiful singing canaries $55 the beautiful singing canaries are entertaining again with a special reduction. this package includes yellow, white, red and red bronze. you can pick and ...
Buy 1 Get 1 Free - $100 Reduction - Here Is Skittl $295
Buy 1 get 1 free - $100 reduction - here is skittles the parrotlet "crissy in nevada just received skittles the parrotlet and she says, "we received the little handsome birdie yesterday morning!! we a...
Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Hand Trained Parrotlet By Linda $295 Multiple Images
Buy 1 get 1 free - hand trained parrotlet by linda lizbeth in nebraska just received her birds from fly babies and she says, "thank you ! we received them. and very tamed. her name is cinderella. beauti...
$50 Reduction - Beautiful Red Canaries - Male And
$50 reduction - beautiful red canaries - male and female - $99 we have had a banner crop of gorgeous red canaries. the males are great singers in that they sing and sing for you. their beautiful feathe...
Gold Member. Rose Breasted Cockatoo 8 Months Old $1,500
Hand raised, hand tamed. sweet little girl. beaks and feathers 239-898-6677
Gold Member. Unweaned Congo Grey $1,400
Unweaned, on 2 hand feedings a day. hand tamed and a sweet baby. beaks and feather 239-898-6677
$100 Reduction - Yellow Canary - Male & Female
$100 reduction - yellow canary - male & female we have a $100 reduction on beautiful young yellow canaries from 2014. the yellow american singers are the very best singing canaries. we have both male...
$100 Reduction - Grand Blue Male Parrotlet $195 $195
$100 reduction - grand blue male parrotlet $195 the training is complete and linda has finished teaching him how to step up, kiss and snuggle with you and your whole family. we are impressed by his bea...
$100 Reduction - Magnificent White Parrotlet $195 $195
$100 reduction - magnificent white parrotlet $195 an angelic white parrotlet is completing his training with linda through loving and nurturing instructions. he is responding well to her instructions fo...
Gold Member. Baby Goffin Cockatoo $1,100
9 weeks old and still being handfed. handled daily and very social. i feed the baby zupreme plus formula with formula one as an added suppliment. on 2 feedings a day and eating intune pellets and some seed...
$100 Reduction - Gorgeous Blue Parrotlet $195 $195
$100 reduction - gorgeous blue parrotlet $195 the cute and lovely blue parrotlet female is breathtaking in the sun room as linda trains her to be your forever pet. the magnificent girl responds to lind...
$100 Reduction -beautiful Pristine White Parrotlet $195
$100 reduction - beautiful pristine white parrotlet this is an example of linda training a brilliant american white female parrotlet. the training takes place out in the sunshine as she learns to step ...
For Sale $100 Reduction On Beautiful Parrotlet $19 $195
For sale $100 reduction on beautiful parrotlet $195 this is "snowy" the most elegant and pristine lady in the aviary. she is an american white parrotlet that really stands out as unique and classy. h...
For Sale $100 Reduction On Blue The Male Parrotlet $195
For sale $100 reduction on blue the male parrotlet $195 this is "blue" the most gorgeous and handsome fellow in the aviary. he steps up, kisses and snuggles with you and all the members of the family. ...
For Sale Pixie1 - Sweet Turquoise Female Parrotlet $349
For sale pixie1 - sweet turquoise female parrotlet this is "pixie" being trained by linda and during this session she steps up, kisses and snuggles. she is a wonderful pet and linda finds her ready for...
For Delivery - Brilliant Lady Gouldian Finch $55
This gorgeous gouldian finch is on the look out for a female to get acquainted with on this fine spring day. his bright plumage is the result of the highest nutrition availability for gouldian finches. his...
Canary Breeding Cage With 3 Compartments $35
Canary breeding cage with 3 compartments new heavy duty 3 compartment canary breeding cages that are ideal for breeding canaries. they are stackable with a bottom tray and grill that pulls out for cle...
Watch Kiwi The Rare Dilute Marbled Lime-purplish T $375 Multiple Images
Watch kiwi the rare dilute marbled lime-purplish turquoise parrotlet here linda is training kiwi the most rare and beautiful parrotlet. words can't describe the colors you can see in this video. watc...
Watch Dazzle The Turquoise Male Pet Parrotlet $349
Watch dazzle the turquoise male pet parrotlet this is dazzle the most beautiful dazzling turquoise male parrotlet that linda is training today. he is so much fun as you see in this video. this handsom...
Watch Periwinkle The Little Blue Parrotlet $295
Watch periwinkle the little blue parrotlet watch this adorable little blue parrotlet as he trains with linda in today's session. his charming and delightful personality really comes out in this video. ...
Magnificent Bright Red Canaries $149
Magnificent bright red canaries this is the result of a banner crop in beautiful red canaries that sing and sing for you. these splendid birds have been around for centuries and this is the crown achie...
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